About Relay Fitness Group

About Us

Relay Fitness Group, creator of the Evo Fitness Bike.

The company was founded by a group of three engineers that have a combined 50 years of experience in product development for the fitness industry.

What does this mean?

It means that the Evo Fitness Bike was built from the ground up by innovators that realized short falls and opporunities to improve indoor cycles. While most indoor cycles were created by outdoor cyclists trying to mimick their road bikes, the Evo Fitness Bike meets the needs of the end user AND the commercial buyer.

Every feature of the Evo Fitness Bike is intended to be easy to use for any rider and avoid the common headaches posed by traditional indoor cycles. When you observe and test each feature of the bike, remember that countless hours went into its development; there is a specific purpose and reason why each feature is the way it is.

Reinventing an Old Favorite

Everybody has heard of indoor cycling  and most fitness enthusiasts have tried it. It’s been around for decades and the indoor cycle itself, or some variation of it, is a staple in almost every gym in the world. Reinventing something so rudimentary has been a challenge, but RFG has managed to do it with both technology and training methodology.

The Evo Fitness Bike, and its corresponding training programming, are guaranteed to give your customers a more efficient and functional indoor cycling workout than any other product available.

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