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Core Active Sway Frame™

Core Active Sway Frame Demonstration

The Core Active Sway Frame™ sways with body movement so that riders can engage their core muscles in order to get more out of a traditional cardio workout.

Engage Your Core

The Evo Fitness Bike's Core Active Sway Frame™ feature allows a 10 degree sway to either side! This motion has been engineered to enhance your workout by engaging your core and upper body as you pedal.

Control the Sway

Core Active Sway Frame in action.

More than Cardio

Indoor cycling can do more than increase your conditioning levels and help you lose unwanted pounds, it can be a complete workout solution that leads to a healthy lifestyle. The Evo Fitness Bike’s sway frame allows you to ride with a full body movement, similar to riding outside. This natural motion incorporates your core and upper body while also requiring more balance than a typical indoor cycle.

No Gimmick, Just Good Fitness

The Evo Fitness Bike's Core Active Sway Frame™ feature isn't trying to simulate turning a bike; for that, you need the g-forces that can only be generated with momentum. Rather, the Core Active Sway Frame™ simulates the natural motion of the body while pushing the pedals and balancing on a bike, as well as the upper body motion needed for standing sprints.

Just like when you were learning to ride a bike for the first time, you need to learn to balance your body and engage your core muscles. You may not notice you're doing it, but you'll be working your entire body and have fun while you're at it! When it's time for an all-out sprint, you can up the resistance, stand up, and throw the bike from side to side as you race for the finish line.

The Benefits of Sway

What are some of the Benefits of Bike Sway and the Evo Fitness Bike?

  • Toned arms, shoulders, and abdominal muscles
  • More rapid fat loss through full body movements
  • Faster, more effective workouts
  • Enhanced functional strength
  • Better balance and coordination