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Calories Burned In Indoor Cycling Class

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Out of all the thousands of fitness classes I have taught over the past 10 years the most popular question is: 'How many calories do you burn during a cycling class?' The answer is not so simple; read the following factors that contribute to the total number of calories you can burn during an indoor cycling session.

Workout Frequency

How many times are you training per week? Make sure to spread out your workouts throughout the week instead of trying to get them all in on one day! Every year I see more and more individuals lose interest in training programs soon after setting all those New Year's resolutions during the months of March-May. Fitness is a necessity and not a luxury. Make fitness a part of your lifestyle in order to lead a longer and happier life.

Workout Intensity

The amount of Intensity and tension that you add during the cycling class as you turn the 'knob' in order to add more brake, resistance, and/or tension to your workout. The higher the intensity, the more calories you will burn. A 200-lb. individual will burn around 800 calories in 60 minutes at a moderate/high intensity workout. At a very vigorous intensity on the indoor cycling bike during class this same person will burn around 1,200 calories in around 60 minutes. Most classes including my own are developed around a H.I.T.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) type of workout so your body will burn more calories faster!

Workout Type & Tempo 

TriCore is the indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music. Take on the terrain with your inspiring team coach who leads the pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training. The TriCore Indoor Cycling Program utilizes the pivoting frame and Orb™ features of the Evo Fitness Bike to give riders the best workout possible. It’s a simple formula: hardcore training regimens plus efficient training equipment equals extreme fat loss, enhanced functional strength and conditioning, and fun new workouts and exercises. The Tempo, FAST OR SLOW of the workout during cycling will also dictate how many calories you will burn during a cycling class. Make sure to constantly rise to the challenge of adding more resistance and tension along with with adding faster tempo and pedal speeds.

Time Spent Working Out Per Week (Log your hours and cycling workouts) 

There are no shortcuts to becoming a fit individual. You must put in the proper amount of time during the week in order to accomplish fitness goals sooner. The length of the class plays a massive role in your caloric expenditure. The longer the class, the more calories you will burn. For example, a 180-lb. person burns about 570 calories in 60 minutes at a moderate intensity. If the class is 90 minutes, this person would burn about 860 calories. Simply said, the more time you spend cycling and working out throughout the week, the more calories you will burn. Calories in vs. calories out!

What is Your Body Weight?

The size of your body has a direct impact on the calories you expend in a class. Someone who is light is going to burn fewer calories than someone who is heavy. For example, a 150-lb. person burns about 240 calories cycling at a moderate intensity for 30 minutes; a 200-lb person burns about 320 calories under the same conditions. Please keep in mind that I consume about 3 times the amount of food than a woman who weighs 130lb. It is not directly similar as I create much more power and force just by weighing more as I push the pedal up and down with momentum and I'm able to create more power just by using my body weight. I teach 8 indoor cycling classes a week and at 210 lbs, I usually burn around 1,000 calories per hour while cycling at a very high intensity. For a 180 lb man he will burn around 650-675 calories. For a 130 lb woman she would burn around 475 to 500.

Are You Training with a Heartrate Monitor? 

With all of the new technology available to the public, there are more options than ever for accurate heart rate monitors. More instructors are using heart rate in order to teach individuals more in cycling class how to utilize them to get the most calories burned throughout their workouts.

How Many Watts are You Averaging per Indoor Cycling Class? 

The use of the Watt Output measurement in class is best! I always tell everyone in my cycling classes to focus on the beats of the music, drills, and exercises. The Watt Output Measurement that is being introduced to many new indoor bike programs including the Evo is one of the most essential measurements that you can follow on your monitor. I tell my clients that a good goal to start with is to hit your own body weight in watts and average that number for the entire duration of class. For example, if a woman is 140lbs than her goal would be to try and average 140 Watts on the indoor bike throughout class. This means that the individual is actually holding good resistance and burning a substantial amount of calories in class.

How Many Miles on Average Do You Travel During an Indoor Cycling Class? 

There are several things to take into account here and results can be all over the board. The instructor leading the class will set the tempo and intensity of the ride so it's important to find an instructor that fits your fitness range. Some classes may be too easy and hard to get motivated in order to go farther distances while others are so difficult that you feel like your going to collapse after every song. Find your pace in any class you take and do your best to work as hard and efficient as you can during the entire ride. It also depends on YOU and your individual fitness level. A great way to measure distance is not looking at the monitor but more importantly, the Watt Output Average and tempo of the class. As an estimate, an average 1 hour class at a cadence of 80–110 rpm is equivalent to about 20 miles on the road.

Author Information:

PR JackNunnIconJack Nunn is the Head Trainer for the Evo Fitness Bike and the creator of TriCore Indoor Cycling. Jack created Powerhouse Fitness after winning numerous medals in various events on the international stage. He is a professional triathlete who has completed three Iron Man competitions and competes in several events each month. Find out more.