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What are the Best Indoor Cycling Shoes?

The best indoor cycling shoes are Shimano.

The one mistake I see so many people make when taking a cycling class is not having the proper cycling attire and equipment. The #1 most important piece of equipment that is overseen by an individual taking his or her first cycling class is NOT having proper cycling shoes with clips. Without proper cycling shoes, you will not burn as many calories.

Regular athletic shoes have a soft mid-sole which causes a 'bend' and therefore a massive loss of energy and connection throughout the pedal stroke. As an individual drives the foot down and pulls up on the recovery of each pedal stroke with the strap attached to the shoe there is about a 20% loss of energy. After pedaling for thousands of revolutions, those pedal strokes add up and therefore power and calorie expenditure is lost, not being translated throughout the body. Just like any sport, you need the right equipment in order to preform better and get an optimal calorie burn.

The best pair of cycling shoes for indoor cycling is from Shimano (SH-R087G by Shimano) Approximate Price Range: $90-$120. I have used these shoes for all of my indoor cycling classes over the past decade. These Shimano shoes can be used for either indoor or outdoor rides and they will last you a very long time.

This is a road racing shoe designed for the any type of cyclist from beginner to competitive cyclist. This particular shoe is stretch-resistant so that it will last longer throughout year of usage. It has a synthetic leather upper layer of the shoe with mesh inserts that enhance ventilation during those heated moments in indoor cycling classes. Micro-adjust buckle with dual off-set straps offer a personalized fit while making the connection to the pedal even better. There is a contoured foam insole offers lightweight support and a lightweight, fiberglass, composite out-sole delivers optimal power transfer. They are also SPD cleat compatible.

Shimano SPD ClipsAlongside the shoes, you must also purchase the standard Shimano SPD Clips The approximate price range is $20. These clips look almost like an indian arrowhead. The clips have a monopoly on all of the indoor cycling bikes I have ever seen at any cycling and/or fitness center. The only other clips I have seen on an indoor bike are the 'Look' clips, however, only about 10% of the indoor cycles use them.

Keep safety in mind if you’re considering cycling shoes, as you will need to learn how to quickly remove your foot from the pedal while riding. When an individual has shoes and clips, they will immediately increase the efficiency of the 360 degree pedal stroke. Buy these Shimano shoes and clips and burn more calories... it's as simple as that!

Note that measurements may vary by size and an individual should always go in and personally try on cycling shoes at a sporting goods and/or cycling store. Make sure when purchasing both the shoes and clips that you have the store personnel attach the Shimano SPD clips for you before you leave the store. This will help avoid the aggravation of putting them on yourself.

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Jack Nunn, Evo Fitness Bike Head TrainerJack Nunn is the Head Trainer for the Evo Fitness Bike and the creator of TriCore Indoor Cycling. Jack created Powerhouse Fitness after winning numerous medals in various events on the international stage. He is a professional triathlete who has completed three Iron Man competitions and competes in several events each month. Find out more.