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Indoor Cycle Workout: Hill Sprint Set

Indoor Cycle Workout: Hill Sprint Set

Evo Fitness Bike Head Trainer and Powerhouse Fitness Gym owner Jack Nunn demonstrates a conditioning and strength routine utilizing an indoor cycling exercise called Hill Sprints. This interval training set will rapidly help you build up your conditioning levels for up hill sprints in the real world.

Workout Video

Workout Instructions

Resistance is typically higher when you climb and challenge your leg power and therefore the cadence is often lower than when you imagine riding on a flat surface. A trick here is to lower the resistance a bit to increase RPM's (revolutions per minute) with leg speed and carefully come out of your seat at the same time for around 5 intervals lasting anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds at a time. Make sure your hips are moving with the bike from side to side and that the momentum is carrying your feet out of the back-end of the cycle stroke for momentum and the knees are slightly bent. When you begin these exercises you want to try to initially build your cadence for the first ten seconds and then aim to maintain the cadence over the remaining ten seconds throughout each interval. After each sprint allow at least 1-2 minutes easy cycling as recovery time.

About the Trainer

Jack Nunn, Powerhouse FitnessJack created Powerhouse Fitness after winning numerous medals in various events on the international stage. He was a gold medalist in 2007 at the first ever Concept 2 Team Indoor Rowing challenge, held in Essen, Germany. In 2006, he took silver at the Masters Nationals Open Single Event. As a member of the US Rowing National Team from 2001-2004 he placed second at the 2003 Pan American Trials in double sculls and had an outstanding 2002 that saw him claim a gold medal in Senior 8 and a silver medal in the Elite Double at the US Nationals. He was also a silver medalist in 2001 in the Nations Cup (now the U23 World Championships) 8 in Ottenshiem, Austria. Find out more.

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