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TriCore Indoor Cycling DVD Program

TriCore is more than JUST an indoor cycling workout dvd, it's a complete training program. This dvd gives you 4 weeks of heart-pounding, sweat inducing workouts that will keep you entertained and moving.

In an effort to increase the workout effectiveness of indoor cycling, the Relay Fitness Group partnered with gym owner and extreme endurance athlete Jack Nunn to create a program that targets strength, endurance, and balance for the entire body. Jack Nunn’s unique fitness programming combined with the swaying frame of the indoor cycle developed by the Relay Fitness Group culminated in a revolutionary workout DVD released in the Summer of 2012.

“My training with indoor cycling helped prepare me for two Ironman challenges, and my new TriCore workout system is helping me with my next,” said Jack Nunn, owner of Powerhouse Fitness in Long Beach, California. “The program does more than just enhance your endurance levels, it rapidly increases your lower, core, and upper body strength while also improving your ability to sprint and climb.”

The TriCore Indoor Cycling DVD includes four weeks of complete workouts and features an original, heart pumping soundtrack that is intended to keep viewers motivated and sweating. Jack Nunn developed each workout set to target a specific aspect of training, from high intensity conditioning to hardcore strength sets. The indoor cycling DVD also includes exercise tutorials, bike set up, and basic riding technique instructions.

 TriCore Indoor Cycling DVD Preview:

Jack Nunn chose to utilize the Evo Fitness Bike for the TriCore Indoor Cycling DVD, his gym, and his personal preparation for his next Ironman competition because of the unique sway frame, as well as its maintenance free, durable design. The benefits of the sway frame include enhanced upper body and core workouts and the ability to maintain a natural pedaling motion. The full body pedaling motion is important because it more closely simulates outdoor riding; typical indoor cycles are fixed in place, requiring cyclists to change their form for indoor and outdoor riding.

Jack Nunn developed the TriCore Training system because he needed more efficient workouts to prepare for his next Ironman competition in Cozumel, Mexico on November 25, 2012. He found the need to maximize his training results with a limited amount of workout time. He solved his problem by developing a program that works multiple aspects of fitness at the same time; rather than training for each event separately, Jack is now looking to improve his performance with a full body training program.

“Me and my clients have been enjoying the TriCore Training program for a while now, and I’m looking forward to see how it works for viewers at home,” said Jack Nunn. “This program is a triple threat; you’ll be hitting your strength, endurance, and balance all at the same time!”

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TriCore Indoor Cycling DVDWhether you have the Evo Fitness Bike or not, the TriCore Indoor Cycling DVD will help you lose weight, drop fat, and increase your conditioning like no other training program available! TriCore is a complete workout solution; it includes four complete weeks of training, encompassing 17 workouts and a schedule that gradually progresses to get you the best results.

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